By 2020, spend on Influencer Marketing is set to reach $5 - $10 billion. With more dollars riding on smart, sophisticated Influencer Marketing than ever before, marketers are desperate for resources in the form of deeper data, better sourcing, and robust tracking systems.

BrainTrust has created INFLUENCER DATA MAPPING™—powered by CreatorIQ—as a marketing and advertising analytics solution that gives brands access to robust data sets and powers them with deep human insights, all designed to help brands see a true return on Influencer Marketing, regardless of how ambitious their goals might be.

This service plus technology offering affords brands the opportunity to approach Influencer Marketing as less of a one-off tactic and more of a long-term strategy for growing business and keeping on the pulse of trends. From product development to tapping new and niche audiences to increasing long-term brand affinity, Creators hold the key to the most digitally savvy consumers. The brands who leverage Creators at every level of the marketing funnel will succeed in an overly-saturated advertising marketplace—and, the best part, they can do it in a way that builds brand presence (not just top line revenue).

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